Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fantastic Movie Scenes

Some movie scenes I find particularly amazing:

1. The Watchmen - The stylistic opening credits, of course, and a number of scenes throughout the movie. The soundtrack is remarkable and the violence - not to mention the plot- is crafted beautifully around it. The entire movie (including to a large extent, the credit sequence itself) contains a number of half-hidden social commentaries that are really intriguing. 
2. Atonement - The rhythm of this film is phenomenal. The entire first half of the movie is really lovely.
3. Gangs of New York - The major fight scene is extremely well done, set to wonderful music, and is quite moving.
4. Original Sin - I love the tone of the movie as a whole, especially the interplay between the beautiful locations, the rich music, and the story itself.
5. Great Expectations - The scene of them kissing outside in the rain, the Besame Mucho segment, the water fountain scene and a number of others. 

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